Caitlin Baker
Born A Baker

I Am Neither Interesting Nor Original

I had a class in cross-cultural psychology where they made us go around the room and say something interesting about ourselves.

Some one said "I used to be a fishmonger." As a 23 year old female it's neither sexy nor interesting. I don't know,  "I used to work for the British royal family, I'm fluent in six languages and I'm a compulsive liar." which is more hits than people who have actually seen the movie" What do those residuals work out to be if you don't mine me asking? I used to be like you, I hated the idea of having to go do jury duty.

"You know I'm joking, right guys? It's not even funny" "Because I also said that I was a compulsive liar afterwards and I thought you would get the joke" "What joke?" I don't find myself very interesting. If I do it for too long I break out in a sweat and become short of breath. I was once the youngest person on earth What a coincidence, so was your mother! "I'm allergic to cactuses, by the way" "I have a feeling you found that out in a horrible way."

I ended up with my fingers stuck together and had no idea I had even gotten the glue on them. Right now someone at IMDB is going "Uh.guys.for some reason the Grumpier Old Men got 4,700 hits over night. If you want to be part of a change, best thing to do is put yourself in the machine. Ever since that day, I feel that I need to serve on jury duty as often as possible to balance the scales. Well the dolphin babysitter guy made the culprit swim up and flip on his back so I could pet his belly. The only I can remember thinking was: "if you puke on my new top, I'm going to be so pissed at you."

I Have Two Sides



 I love Pulp. The band Pulp that is, not the stuff that floats in juice.

I have written about them before. And I will probably write about them again.

They were the band that defined my teen years. And JC is will, just simply JC. There will never be anyone like him again.


A Personal Side

As I said I am not very interesting as a person. I have a lot of interests, but none of them make me personally interesting.

While that may be true, the things I like are important to me. I enjoy working in the city garden and I have been involved in a number of projects that were very rewarding. But for most, not very interesting.

Photos From the Gardens

Here are some photos from the gardens. Note, this is not my garden, nor will they ever be. They are far too organized, too controlled for what is outside my patio door. I love things a little more natural. And yet I can appreciate these with the same passion.