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City Gardening

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We will now be meeting at the City Garden on Sunday the 13th at 2:45 PM and will end the walk at 5 PM at the top of the Arch steps. I'm sure when I say this I'm speaking for everyone but we can't wait to see you there! We have decided to shift the beginning and ending time to accommodate the lighting situation for the walk. With the other thing going on, is there a specific meeting spot in City Garden? Hiya, are you aware of the political protest march scheduled for 11/13/16 from 2-5 starting at City Garden and ending at the Old Courthouse? When Adam, Justin and I had originally set up the walk there was one factor that was overlooked, that being daylight saving time.

let me just say that we really hope you can make it and the more the merrier. I encourage anyone that has posted wondering, how do I meet people to come join. Hey all - since there is a protest tomorrow, I'll stick out like a sore thumb, so you all can find me.

Looking forward to meeting everyone Look for a bright orange top with gray backpack and that'll be me! edit- his sign says "The Gonzalez Family" near the bottom if you happen to notice him in any pics. Just thought you might want to be aware that the space you have planned for the photo walk may be full of protestors. As a Transplant from Texas, I do believe I will join you all! Awesome, excited to be a part of this, and take some great photos, or at least good ones! , I wanted to update everyone on the photo walk this Sunday, 11/13/16. I Hope you're all as excited as Justin, Adam, and I are.

Short list details: Time change: City Garden: 2:45 PM Top of the Arch steps:5 PM Oyster Bar afterwards to further get to know the group and grab a bite to eat. Hope it's calm though with that other walk / peaceful protest going on. If you have any last minute questions feel free to ask within the thread. It'll be cool to photograph some of the protest and see what happens.