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Lingerie Shower and The Question of Gifts

In my group of friends, we have always done lingerie gifts at the bachelorette party, so I think it's what everyone has come to expect. I am having my bachelorette party in June, and trying to think of a theme for gifts other than lingerie. I would actually much rather have no gifts at the bachelorette party than any. Interesting - I've never heard of gifts for a bachelorette party.

also, anecdotally - last summer I was a bridesmaid in a wedding where the bride decided to send out separate invitations for her "lingerie party". I had a bridal shower bachelorette combination and requested no gifts. I guess I'm just trying to figure out a better type of gift, or how to say no gifts at all, just enjoy the party.

Which is waht I was thinking before , but then I wasn't quite sure and ended up trying to find out more. There are a number of resources, and ( which was a relief. Another one for the "I've never heard of lingerie parties involving gifts, around here they involve alcohol and girly things like spa days".And honestly I wasn't very certain if that was right. I looked around and found out that that this was true and that it was common to skip the gifts all together when you had a lingerie shower.

I wouldn't request gifts or give a theme, that seems like more of a bridal shower thing and bit gift grabby. Bachelorette parties typically do not entail gifts in my region - so I would be careful not to come off too "gift-grabby" by implementing a theme for gifts. This took place immediately before we went out for her bachelorette party. How to say no gifts at all, just enjoy the party. If anyone asks you what you'd like and are insisting on getting you a bachelorette gift, maybe a bottle of wine?

Trying to Make It Classy

It used to be more common that you'd gift lingerie to the bride at the shower. Maybe something like, "Let's shower the bride" in larger print and then underneath, "By stocking the bar and stuffing the lingerie drawer"? I agree with "stock the bar" shower, but you're already doing "let's shower the bride. " Also buying her some lingerie myself Odd ball out I guess, but lingerie showers are super, super popular where I'm from.

But she loved this one invite design so I am making one to match it that says 'let's shower the bride'. I found a theme that sounds a lot classier but will still get her some booze and lingerie. I really dislike being given a "theme" for the gift and I would not pick up that evening = lingerie. I am designing 30 bridal shower invites and the bride doesn't have a registry//any time to make one so she told me she wants to have a 'stock the bar/lingerie' request for gifts. It seems like this would be best in getting her the lingerie and booze that she wants, but also allows guests to get her something else less awkward.

I forgot to add how delighted I was by this but yes, I 100% meant it was a compliment! Now I'm also imagining a version where Dwight mistakes the lingerie call, and brings industrial sized spools of lace. It's the perfect rhyme for this sort of event - lighthearted and playful but an unmistakable call for lingerie. :/ I love a good lingerie shower! It was actually fun bc the bride is super conservative, think cardigans and pearls, and I bought her a crotchless fishnet jumpsuit. Can you scrawl in, "in booze" after "let's shower the bride"? Maybe there would be someone who misjudges this and literally buys spools of lace but I think that would be on them.

You can't have a lingerie shower without sharing her bra/underwear size anyway. My bachelorette was very typical lingerie, hotel, clubs, what gave you, and it was an absolute blast. Just kind of assume the weekend will include a lingerie shower.

I am going to make a few ideas for the around the clock so attendees aren't entirely lost. We also already had the bachelorette party and the shower is a week before the wedding. They straight up just call it a lingerie shower? If you'd love to join the fest, gift the booze you love the best! How do I phrase this on the invites? It's really fun because there is some crazy stuff out there and it's more of a reflection on the gift giver. I wouldn't call it a bridal shower at all. Right now I have "the bride prefers Lingerie and Booze as gifts". I would rather die than buy an adult I'm not getting sexy with myself lingerie I would rather die than receive lingerie from anyone but the person I'm using it with :/ Exactly! This is actually a pretty common thing to buy the bride for the bachelorette in my area.

She was pretty last minute with everything so me as a BM took the reins to get the all rolling.

UPDATE: so this bride wants to be entirely hands off. Honestly this is a kind of ridiculous/greedy request that I don't think you have to honor. I would just spread her preferences via word of mouth to the extent that it is appropriate/possible and call it a day. I would call it a "stock the bar" shower, only because I really can't think of a classy way to ask your female relatives to give you sexy underwear. Maybe under gifts put something like "we're preparing her for married life with drinks for entertaining or something for the bedroom"? Lol This sounds like something I'd want,but no idea how to word it without people saying oh thats tacky.

Go for Kush

Its a little frightening, I recommend getting drunk Well I just found a lot of my chick friends clad in lingerie on this website. I can't speak to the actual lingerie events, but go any other time with a fun social group and you'll have a fun experience. I've never been to Kush, but a friend and I are intrigued. They dont look 21 yet. It's worth a shot, the atmosphere is fun if you like dark rooms with smoke and black lights. A strip club, or Insomnia would be a better time It looks like the same 5-6 people in every photo. My checks dont bounce He also doesn't pay his employees on time, and sometimes not ever. that's just one sort of thing I have zero interest in attending or being any part of Word.

There aren't any pads on the benches or chairs, so sitting there a couple hours in, your ass will start to get sore. It's a small space lit with blacklights. be nice/friendly/cool and they'll give you highlighters and bubble to play with. They don't clean their hookahs regularly, at least up until two years ago. And there are any number of clubs in DFW with better tits and better atmosphere. Hookahs seemed clean to me Only drawback I can speak to is the seating.

They just ended up looking for other employment after he started screwing around with them so much, and wrote off the money as lost. If you wanna go look at half naked chicks, go for it. Stay home and smoke a joint in your underwear with friends. If you want something more chill, I'd recommend Natalie's off the square in downtown. oh, and it's BYOB, which also means they are open super late into the morning hours. Sounds fun and not even the least bit annoying not sure if sarcasm.

and their kitchens cleanliness, I'm not even gonna start on that. I have been wanting to show off my bra for some time now.