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Definitely worth listening to, even if it's only to find which tracks you like from them to select for a playlist. Easily my favorite album of theirs, and I have the whole thing on my phone all the time. Definitely gonna give a shout out to Blue Glow, which I believe is a bonus track on the remastered version of Freaks. I loved watching all the Jools Holland shows when I lived in Ireland. I downloaded the entirety of Pulp's discography and then dug further the way I do when I discover a new band, so I ended up tracking down his solo work as well. I am eternally grateful to Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick for including Pulp's "like a friend" in the Venture Bros, because that introduced me to this wonderful band. Most of their other albums I picked my favorite tracks and just discarded the rest, but I'll listen to the entire albums when jamming at home. Are Pulp's older works worth listening to? I used to be obsessed with Laphroaig and wanted to work there, lol. I've heard mixed reviews of their stuff that came out before His and Hers.

Thanks though! I lived in Ireland for about 5 years. I miss it a lot. A Thousand Trees is still one of my favourites, I just posted this last week.

Regardless, it's a track that should've been on the original album for sure. I have that album. I've been listening to Britpop constantly for the past week or so. Well, I tend to pick and choose specific artists from any genres. I have that Good the Bad & the Queen album. Oh I have. Jarvis Cocker had some solid solo work as well.

I was obsessed with Just Enough Education to Perform for a while.

I'd easily put this up against any Oasis or Blur album. He also did Monkey Journey to the West, which had some cool songs. Great song and even greater album. So much good music comes out of the UK and Ireland.