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State of the City

In the recent Garden City "State of the City" mailer it was claimed that part of the Garden City to Eagle greenbelt extension was paid for with city funds. If "Garden City" means the city government, then Garden City is more actively hostile than supportive. The South side is stereotypical Garden City greenbelt. Greenbelt improvements are so expensive to Garden City today because of decades of greenbelt obstructionism by said same city.

In 1971, when work on the greenbelt actually started, Boise was probably poorer than Garden City is today. Garden City has a history of less-than-halfhearted support for the greenbelt which is really evident here, with a complete lack of improvements and detours into traffic. I, too, live on the greenbelt in Garden City, and there's a greenbelt-adjacent "park" near my home as well, but it's not in the section that OP was referring to. There is a park adjacent to the Greebelt in Garden City less than 75 feet from my house.

What makes the Garden City plaques crass is that there's literally no improvement to attach them to. According to this early account, cities of Eagle and Garden City both donated $10,000 to the project. The mayors of Garden City, Eagle, and Boise were scheduled to attend the opening, but accounts written afterward only mention the mayor of Eagle actually attending. Garden City is very supportive of the green belt. Apparently Garden City use to be just that. I was a little afraid that I was going to hit the bollards where it rejoined the greenbelt.

You see them on bridges, boardwalks, parks, and buildings on the Boise greenbelt all over. It seemed like more people on the South side were just loitering rather than the more typical Greenbelt activities.

Where Boise came out ahead is in early and wholehearted support for the greenbelt. That jog at Remington, just east of the Les Boi horse racing track is due to the greenbelt ending at private property which sits right at river's edge. This contradicted the newspaper accounts that I had read and the comment I made above, so I did some more research.

Has anyone been on the south side of the river between the new water park and Glenwood? On the other side of the river, the path isn't paved North side of the river is fully paved from waterpark to Glenwood.

Sorry I missed your park, I guess it didn't make an impression. Now when nav voice pronounces Chinden as Chine-den I don't argue with her. I choose to do business with some of the entities who granted passage due to their civic mindedness. The south side is slightly straighter and has fewer bumps, and is definitely less crowded. Those subdivisions that are most opposed are mostly owned/developed by the current mayor, so trying to differentiate between the two is fallacious.

I don't know that it's much smoother, but it certainly isn't any rougher. It has been my understanding that being thankful for generosity, and being able to properly direct that gratitude is a laudable goal! If you don't mind the Remington/52nd St detour then the south side had much less traffic from Glenwood to Main Street and I don't recall it being too bumpy.