Caitlin Baker
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The Road Test

I failed my test the first time due to nerves but I passed on the second try no points off. Garden City is VERY tough to pass from what I have heard crap! I failed my road test today, basically racked up all my points in parallel parking for excessive maneuvering and whatnot, and didn't get any points for driving. Knowing I never wanted to make the same mistakes I followed other test takers and shadowed their test a few times. It really bites you failed for parallel parking, in the real world you get multiple attempts to do it right. I failed my first roadtest there, BUT it was because I was grossly unprepared and extremely nervous.

I think it was pretty ridiculous that they failed me for JUST my parking. I failed my first test when I was 17 in Freeport. and yeah I just decided to go with GC becasue it was the closest test date Ahhh, I see. Brentwood is pretty good as long as you're aware of that huge fork in the road in the beginning. I passed my test there about 12 years ago. I really hope I pass the second time.

Does anyone have any experience taking a test in this site? It's really not too bad of a place to take the test it's in an idustrial area so paralell parking is not too bad.

He did admit 10 or 15 of those points off were fair, but she had take off points for "talking during test" and the like. Garden City Park? They should have just take the points off and that should have been it. I've kinda heard that garden city is a more difficult road test site and the fact that there are so many available for july as opposed to the other LI sites is bizarre. Agree that it was dumb you failed the parallel parking portion. Practice, know your car, pay-up and try again when you know you are ready.