Caitlin Baker
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This Is Hardcore

This has always been my favourite Pulp song how'd I forget about this? But yeah, I love Pulp and can't stand Blur or Oasis, makes me so sad that they are better remembered/appreciated in the States than Pulp, Suede, or Elastica.

Siiiiiiiiickk, forgot about em Never been much of a fan of Pulp, but this and Sunrise are just spectacular tunes. This is hardcore is like Be Here Now for Oasis or Blurs selftitled. Check out his solo song "Running The World" Weirdly, I don't know anything else about Pulp, but this is one of my favourite songs of all time. Pulp was the best 90s British band. way better than either Blur or Oasis! Saw Pulp live a few years and they were amazing. how did I forget about Pulp? This album is class tits to toes.

Jarvis Cocker's lyrics and the way he sings always make me feel a little dirty, but in a good way. Which I'm a bit ashamed of because I am a fan of His N Hers and Different Class. Pulp is still my favourite. Gorrilaz blows anything else Damon Albarn ever did! "Mate, this ain't hardcore" - Ali G This is absolute, unbridled brilliance.

It wasn't on the album when it came out, it was made for the Great Expectations soundtrack. It is, in essence the soundtrack of our darkest fantasies done bluntly but executed with perfection.

Have known and liked this song for years but only just discovered the video. Maybe it was a different time in my life that I loved them first.

Y'all motherfuckers forgot about Pulp.

you bought the CD in the US, Canada, or Japan it had the track from the beginning.

Pulp were a fantastic group. The musical backdrop to the sexually deviant lyrical raunch is mind blowing in its poignancy.

I just love this video. but I still love them.