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Underrated But It Could Be Worse

Common People: original version by British rock band Pulp is catchy, biting and satirical, but it's also kind of hiply aloof. You play Pulp's version of "Common People" for that rich girl who keeps coming to your punk house, and she'll take it as kind of a backhanded compliment.

And there is a fucking amazing cover of "Common People" on there. Hey, I didn't create the song I only submitted it so grow the fuck up.

I feel like Pulp, albeit still underrated, is far from the most underrated. Play Shatner's version for her, and she'll kick you in the nuts and run sobbing back out to her Jetta. I really liked the cover of this song by MCR

Love the song, love them. I think I prefer Shatner's, but it has nothing to do with feeling like more of a man. Here's an amusing video of the Shatner version: i've never heard this song before. Well as an American I can say I haven't heard it until recently and I definitely won't hear it on the radio. If you need to like Shatner's rendition, over Pulp's original one, to feel like more of a man that's cool; whatever. And for those that don't know, Jarvis does a show on BBC Radio 6 Music on a Sunday afternoon. I love Pulp

Besides that, he said he didn't like them because they sounded too girly; a pretty valid reason to say what I did. It's a bizarre orgy of conflicting priorities, equal parts beat poetry, punk rock and midlife crisis. William Shatner delivers the vocals in every way Cocker didn't: He's artless, forthright and furious

The soft, airy instrumentals and Cocker's soothing, effete vocals still make the song seem like a condemnation, sure; but it's a half-hearted, almost fond one

People exist in other countries? Libitina - Gothic People like this has been posted a lot of times before, yet such an incredible song never made it to the front page. It's really disappointing when something I like gets posted and then I come to the comment section and OP is being a douchetruck in almost every comment. I mean, their entire back catalogue was just reissued to coincide with the reunion shows of late, and Jarvis never really left us for too long a a time. If you need to put people down to feel like more of a man, that's cool. William Shatner's version wasn't music in my opinion. Whenever this or the original pops up on the radio/music player, I get goosebumps. His n' Hers --> Different Class --> This is Hardcore is one of the best string of albums ever, IMO. They're each absolutely fantastic albums in different ways.

The early work surely is overlooked but I feel different class at the least lays in large percentage of record collections for anyone whom was into that scene. Not to mention that solo Jarvis is also great. She'll think it's cool "that you thought of her at all, you know?" He didn't respect my opinion yet you're asking I respect his? It has the missing second verse that makes the whole song make sense. I love how the reverb is so high and the EQ is set so hot that you can hear every exaggerated mouth click and breath he makes. Let's just say, this song has served me well with the ladies. wish I could give this more than that.

And it really shouldn't be. I just said they sound like a bunch of ninnies. Thanks Jarvis! Now. Gene, absolutely, 100% never got the acclaim they deserved.