Caitlin Baker
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We Might Try Kaldi's at 6 North

It's very interesting considering they serve Kaldi's at 6 North I don't think they're a 1:1 competitor.

6 North's menu is more extensive, but Kaldi's serves sandwiches, wraps and salads as well, and they're pretty damn good. I think Kaldi's is probably my favorite coffee shop in the area. I know it is Kaldi's, and I know it tastes more bitter than all of my ex girlfriends combined. Kaldi's I've never heard anyone hate on Kaldi's. Anyone else just brewing Kaldi's in their office/business don't know what the hell they're doing. I think it's a good fit for the area. Interesting; I wonder if they are going to compete directly with 6 North across the street. The coffee tasted amazing and I don't normally go for stomach bile. Hopefully they stay open into the evenings despite the fact they are targeting the morning and lunch crowds. The only coffee I can EASILY drink black.

Clearly they're too big now so their coffee sucks Yeah, they have like tens of stores! They have single origin pour over for the snob, but without going off the deep end like Sump.

I also heard a rumor that that particular 6 North might be closing anyway. Haven't had their cold brew but their Cafe Kaldi is pretty good standard mass drip coffee. The other day I bought some single origin beans from Kaldi's and brewed them thusly: 10 grams of coarsley ground beans per 150 grams of water, French press for 4 minutes. While 6 North sells the coffee, they offer a full menu. It's not that they're too big, and I'm not the only one who has noticed that lately there's something very different about their coffee. Sure, they may lose the quick coffee business but they'll keep the lunch. I feel like an asshole waiting on it, but the coffee at Sump is amazing. I picked up a bag of freshly roasted Ethiopian from Kuva and wasn't impressed. Where can I go to get coffee that doesn't taste like stomach bile?

Blueprint is tasty, sure, but it doesn't meet value for the extra time and cost for me.